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Renewal Blend Loose Ritual Incense

Renewal Blend Loose Ritual Incense

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■Renewal Blend■

Spring forth and use your roots to shoot forward with confidence!

This herbal incense blend is crafted with the energy of early Spring in mind. Renewal. Sprouting. Growth. Reconnecting. This and more, great reasons to use this natural blend as an altar offering and/or incense for burning during Ritual. 

••••This blend is handcrafted with all natural and organic ingredients:

100% Natural Western Red Cedar, Organic Angelica Root, Organic Whole Flower Chamomile, White Copal Resin, Organic Whole Bay Leaves 


Each purchase comes with one charcoal briquette and burning instructions, as follows: 

To use: Place hot charcoal disc in your fire safe cauldron or fire proof dish. This is a loose incense meant to be sprinkled onto the ignited charcoal. Disc will burn for approximately 45 minutes. Add more incense on top of the ignited briquette with a small spoon, as the old burns away. Always practice fire safety!

Incense comes in a 2oz food grade, air tight bag

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♡Keep away from children and pets!




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